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05 Ago

Volumen 2 Número 2 de la revista Science Reviews from the End of the World

Ya se pueden encontrar en la página: el Volumen 2 Número 2 de la revista
Science Reviews from the End of the World. Comparto con ustedes la
introducción escrita por Miguel Ángel Blesa.
Science in the Time of COVID-19


With the arrival of the pandemic, scientists from every country
rearranged their priorities, and Argentina was not the exception. A
myriad of scientific papers of variable quality were produced all over
the world, and rushed for publication
on the knowledge that in lieu of prompt diffusion many would have soon
become obsolete. Science Reviews from the end of the world was very
cautious; after all we publish only reviews of significant work, often
carried out during long
time spans.

Controversy has arisen on the validity of mathematical models to
describe the spread of the pandemic, on the testing procedures and the
ways to achieve significant tracking of the spread of the virus, on
the validity of various therapies, on the nature and performance of
various vaccines, on social and political issues about lockdown
policies, etc.

In this issue we present just two papers, addressing the first issues
in the above paragraph, mathematical models and testing strategies.
They represent very thorough work that had clear application in the
design of pandemic management
in Argentina. Papers of equivalent quality on the other issues have
been commissioned, and shall be published when available.

The research teams led by Guillermo Durán and by Roberto Etchenique
represent well the paradigm of current research, as the result of the
effort of multidisciplinary teams focused on problem solving.

We hope these papers prove of value to all readers.